My latest book, Donny, Mary Grace and the Dognappers, centers around the importance of dogs in many of our lives. The plot of the story touches on what dogs mean to us and the emotions we experience when we’re suddenly left without their friendship, protection, loyalty and affection.

They say you never really miss something until it’s gone, right? Well, that shouldn’t be the case when it comes to our beloved pups! It’s why I celebrate Thankful For My Dog Day on November 23. Seriously, it’s an official commemorative day in the United States. Look it up!

It’s a reminder that we don’t have to wait until our dogs are not around to be thankful for how they cheer us up, make us laugh, and provide company, love and loyalty. In Donny, Mary Grace and the Dognappers, dogs begin to go missing in the siblings’ adopted West Coast hometown, including Grandma Cathy’s two: Krug and Kansas. Who are the dognappers and how can the dogs be returned to their loving homes? That’s the plot of the book, which delivers themes of friendship and responsibility for young readers, while offering an exciting sense of adventure for readers of all ages.

So, on November 23, remember to be celebrate Thankful For My Dog Day, and give your pup an extra hug for Donny, Mary Grace and Grandma Cathy! To get your own copy, visit grandmagangmysteries.com, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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