Grandma Gang Books

The Grandma Gang book series is inspired by author Cathy Pepe’s brother Donny, who was born with Down Syndrome and taught the family how special life is.

Mary Grace and Donny’s California Adventures: A Grandma Gang Mystery is the first book in the series and tells the story of Donny and Mary Grace moving to live with their grandparents (Grandma Cathy and Papa Steve) on their vineyard near Santa Barbara (which Donny loves – Mary Grace not so much) and their adventures at North School, where they move after living in Wichita, Kansas their entire lives.

In Donny, Mary Grace and the Dognappers, dogs have started to go missing around the siblings’ adopted west coast hometown, including Grandma Cathy’s two dogs – Krug and Kansas. The local authorities suspect that dognappers are responsible for all the missing pets. Who are the dognappers? Where are the dogs and how can they be brought back home? It’s a mystery that only Donny, Mary Grace, and the Grandma Gang can solve.

Coming Soon:
Donny and Mary Grace and the Ugly Marble