Kirkus Maximus!

There are many reasons why writers choose to write. It can be because they love telling stories and because they use writing as a form of expression. It can sometimes be because they want to inform, educate and enlighten about a subject that isn’t popularly known or has been prone to misconceptions. It might be, as well, to tell of wonderful, life-changing experiences, in hope that the writing may inspire others.

For most writers, gaining recognition and receiving praise is way down on the list, if it’s on there at all! So, when compliments and rave reviews of your work take place, it can provide you unexpected thrills. Thus, I was extremely overjoyed to read the Kirkus review of my latest book, Donny, Mary Grace and the Dognappers!

Kirkus, which is one of the world’s most-respected literary review authorities, recently offered wonderful praise for the latest Grandma Gang Mystery. About Donny, Mary Grace and the Dognappers, it wrote: “a clever, endearing cast headlines this pleasantly modest, entertaining detective story.”  Kirkus also stressed that the book will appeal to more than just youngsters, writing: “The investigation makes this a diverting whodunit for readers of all ages.”

I’m delighted that Kirkus and readers are enjoying Donny, Mary Grace and the Dognappers. Here’s the full review:

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