Books Make The Perfect Holiday Gift

Just like most of you, many of my strongest childhood memories revolve around the holidays. The beauty of the tree. The fun, distinct ornaments. The colorful lights, both inside and out. The gatherings of family and friends. And, of course, the gifts!

When I think back to all of the gifts I received, the ones I remember most are the books. I suppose the fact that my books – which I began receiving even before I could read! – usually came wrapped up and topped by a bow made them seem extra special. And they almost always outlasted gifted clothes and toys, which I both literally and developmentally outgrew, while I held on to my books for ages!

There’s little doubt that the books I received during the holiday season helped trigger my lifelong love of reading, learning and writing, which has culminated in my Grandma Gang mysteries. It thrills me to know that children will be receiving my books – Mary Grace and Donny’s California Adventures: A Grandma Gang Mystery; and Donny, Mary Grace and the Dognappers – from a parent, relative, friend or Santa Claus!

So, are you still looking for the perfect gift to give a child? There are a million great reasons to go with a book. Here are a few:

  • Books help jump-start education. Studies show there’s a clear correlation between receiving books and a child’s reading ability. Children who have never received books as presents are more likely to be reading below their expect age and grade levels.
  • Books increase a child’s vocabulary.
  • Books can help improve a child’s math and science skills.
  • Books let children see other worlds, cultures, ways of life, etc.
  • Books offer inspiration and spark the imagination and curiosity.
  • Books help counter stereotypes and help children develop empathy.
  • Books are inexpensive!
  • Books tend to be read over and over again, often making them gifts for life.
  • Books help a child relax and wind down at bedtime.
  • Books are screen-free entertainment!

The Grandma Gang mysteries are fun and suspenseful. And children are bound to learn some important lessons, while also learning about themselves! To order them as a gift, visit, Amazon or Barnes & Noble

Happy holidays to you all!

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