High praise for Donny, Mary Grace and the Ugly Marbles

All writers both love and fear reviews. Naturally, you want others to have positive opinions of your work, but you also dread the possibility that, for one reason or another, someone will write something negative that could possibly influence the decisions of others to either read or purchase your book.

I’m happy to say that the former scenario is occurring with the newest Grandma Gang Mystery: Donny, Mary Grace and the Ugly Marbles. In fact, Kirkus Reviews, one of America’s most respected literary review journals, has just given the book a glowing review that you can read write here:


Kirkus, which has been publishing its semimonthly magazine for 90 years, called Donny, Mary Grace and the Ugly Marbles a “warm, well-paced follow-up in an inclusive series that will keep readers coming back for more.”

The reviewer also predicted that readers of other popular mystery series will enjoy Donny, Mary Grace and the Ugly Marbles: “Fans of the A-to-Z Mysteries by Ron Royand (and) Carolyn Keene’s Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew series will enjoy this mystery, which begins with an innocent, everyday activity and ends with a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.”

Thanks, Kirkus! You can order copies of the Grandma Gang Mysteries at grandmagangmysteries.com or here.

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